Goa & Mahabalipuram, India

About the project

In January of 2015 in conjunction with local Indian organisation, HolyStoked we travelled to two sites around the country to build skateboarding facilities. Our aim was to use skateboarding as a means of personal development, creating connections with and allowing people of all ages to engage in a positive and social activity.

Along with a team of volunteers from around the world we built at two separate locations in India over a 5 week span. The first location was in Goa of which we extended upon an existing skate park, as at its current size it could not meet the high demand of local skateboarders on a daily basis.

Our second building location was in Mahabalipuram; a small fishing village off the southern east coast where a small skate scene was beginning to grow but lacked the necessary infrastructure.

A full recap of the trip can be seen over at our blog on skateboard.com.au. Click here to check it out.

In conjunction with this project we also sent a shipment over of new and used skateboarding equipment which was donated to these two communities; enabling everyone to become a participant. More information about this can be found on our Community Collection page.

This project was proudly supported by and made possible with the help of Vans Australia.