Kathmandu, Nepal

About the project

The creation of Kathmandu, Nepal's first skatepark was made possible by a collaborative effort between multiple organizations. Working in partnership with Make Life Skate Life and ALIS along with the invaluable assistance of Hamro’s, a local skateshop in Kathmandu a team of volunteers both local and international built the park in just 8 days. With on the ground architectural guidance by Wade Trevean a collection of concrete ramps were added to an existing and popular skateboarding space near the city center. The space is managed by local skateboarder and Hamro’s skateshop owner Ujwol Dangol who provides lessons, loaner equipment and hosts events and competitions at the space for the local community.

This project was the precursor to a much larger 450sq. meter concrete skatepark at the Olympic sports park in Pokhara; Nepal's second largest city. Check out the full run down of our Pokhara build here.